Monday, 6 June 2016

In 2012, I travelled to South Africa for the first time. I spent three weeks as an exchange student with the African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg. At the time I thought the chance to see South Africa was a once in a lifetime experience and so when I got the opportunity to go again, this time to the Western Cape, I jumped at the chance. 

The program I'm working with is called Oceans Campus. Oceans is based in the harbour town of Mossels Bay. I'll be working within their travel and nature writing program and posting here along the way.

Our instructors decided the theme song for our internship within days of our arrival: "Love Train," by the O'Jays. The song has really helped to anchor Mossels Bay in the '70s. As one of the other interns said, "It's like the '70s, but with cell phones." Cars here could have come from the '70s or might as well have been just driven off a dealer's lot. As long as they can make it up steep mountainside hills, nothing else matters. There's also Mossels Bay itself, which is filled with sharks. Jaws might have been filmed on the other side of the Atlantic, miles down the coast from where I live, but this is real-life Amity Island.