Thursday, 1 September 2016

Back to school at last.

It's been over nine months since I was last in school. Not that I wasn't ever not in school, I took a leave of absence for the month of January to take a class in Boston at Grubb Street and from there left New England in February for Old England, specifically London. I studied with Centre College's London program and did lots of things that were pretty cool. I saw the largest Lunar New Year celebration outside of Asia, hiked to Beatrix Potter's house for Easter, and turned 21 at Stonehenge the same day my dad turned 60. I came home in May and didn't even put my suitcase away--I left for South Africa in June to spent my summer enjoying their snowless and sunny winter.

After the urban bustle of London and the exotic wonders of Mossel Bay, going back to school this time around involves a lot more than just getting back into the grind of class and homework: it also means settling back into into Danville, Kentucky.

Let's just say that Danville is very different from any of the places I've been this year. 

Weirdly, though, it's in Danville that I'll be spending the greatest portion of 2016. Remember I've been traveling all year--I haven't stayed anywhere longer than two or three months! So being here for four is going to feel like a long haul. Especially when the biggest social event in the town tends to be going Sunday church.

There's no Boston bookstores, no London shops, and no South African wildlife here. So, to keep myself busy, and hopefully help me adjust to my new/old environment, I've started doing photo expeditions.

You'll hopefully be hearing about them weekly, provided my schoolwork doesn't ramp up too quickly from what it is now. 

Today, I walked up West Walnut Street to Constitution Square, where the lighting was too poor for any photos of the historical jailhouse sitting in the middle of the green. I settled instead for a black and white shoot of some of Danville's more interesting architecture before inevitably running across a church and photographing that as well. En route there were all sorts of  everyday sights and objects that I shot to experiment with angle. Hopefully, once they're edited, the photos will come out more interesting than their subjects!

Until next time, I might have to visit Burke's Bakery for some more photos... or donuts.