Imogene Robinson
Imogene Robinson


I'm Imogene, a soon-to-be college graduate studying English and Creative Writing.

I grew up in New England thinking I'd never leave. That  changed after I got the opportunity to go abroad for the first time. Since then, I've been lucky enough as a college student to get many more incredible opportunities like that. In 2016, I celebrated the new year in Boston before spending a semester studying abroad in London. After that, I worked for a summer in South Africa before flying back to the U.S. and into Lexington, Kentucky's Blue Grass Airport to begin my senior year of college.

It was that whirlwind year that made me realize: maybe I should start writing some of this stuff down. That's when I decided to start this blog.

A few things you can expect to find here: 

  • What's going on in my life.  Being in college means I'm mostly focused on schoolwork and class but going to school in Kentucky is more exciting than it sounds. Look for thoughts on my time here or else stories about Mormons after dark, Wal-Martians, and life at the end of Greek row. 
  • Photography. After spending a summer as a journalism intern, I've gotten really interested in photography. I post usually once a day to Instagram and am doing a project where I take one 35mm photo a day with my mom's Canon AE-1. You can expect to hear about misadventures, frustrations, and tales of success from my shooting expeditions!
  • Stuff that I find interesting. Ever think about local feminist history or the genomics of feral mustangs versus domestic horses? I do, and I bet I can convince you it's worth thinking about too. If you have your doubts, though, never fear! I'm interested in a lot of things and I do my best to filter my more specific interests out. I love podcasts like This American Life and The Moth and, with nowhere near the amount of research those guys put into their stories, I might be tempted to piggy-back off of them here and there.